Kaga Yuzen is best known for its kimonos on fabric, but we wanted them to be more familiar to our customers--thus creating lamps, screens, plates, tumblers--for daily use, utilizing all sorts of materials such as wood, glass and gold leaf.

This way, we hoped the Kaga Yuzen to be much better acquainted to all.


 Toshiharu HISATSUNE


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3 companies in ESPACE DENSAN – The theme of the Exceptional Textiles.

1st February 2018 – 31th March 2018


8 bis, rue Villedo 75001 Paris (in MAISON WA)


5e édition Synergies entre tradition et modernité L’artisanat local japonais à la pointe de l’innovation

6th February 2018 – 17th February 2018

La Maison de la culture du Japon à Paris(MCJP) rez-de-chaussée








TV Broadcast: TBS's "Yume-no-tobira". Sunday, July 24, 2011