Handpainted Kaga Yuzen Super Organza

Elegant designs using the Kaga Yuzen dyeing techniques are used on "Super Organza", an ultralight, ethereal fabric.

By overlapping the Kaga Yuzen patterns, excellent senses of luster, transparency and profundity --evoking water sureface-- are achieved, creating an elegant atmosphere.

天女の羽衣 加賀友禅 糊置き




Tracing the design on the paper onto Super Organza, and line drawing with starch resist

天女の羽衣 加賀友禅 彩色




Coloring the design

天女の羽衣 水元




Removing starch resist

天女の羽衣 加賀友禅




Hanging out to dry

天女の羽衣 加賀友禅 モッコウバラ