Biography of Toshiharu Hisatsune

1973  Served as an apprentice to Yasuji Tsurumi.
1987  Established Hisatsune Yuzen.
1990  Dedicated a decorative cloth as a wrapping for the paulownia  wedding chest of  Crown Princess Masako.
2002  Acquired a patent for Yuzen wood-dyeing techniques.
2005  Produced Yuzen wooden trays (yuzen yumeki) which were ordered  as a wedding gift to Princess Norinomiya Sayako.
2007  Participated in an event commemorating Japan-India Friendship  Year 2007 in Chennai, India. Presented Kaga Yuzen Indian Saris.
2011  Hand-painted Kaga Yuzen Super Organza Shawls were featured on  the NHK program Asaichi and the TBS program Yume no Tobira.
2012  Supplied wood panels for Starbucks Korinbo 109 in Kanazawa.
2014  Demonstrated Kaga Yuzen dyeing technique at Creative Intersection  between Ishikawa and Vienna Craft Traditions  2014 and attended  the buyers meeting  at MuseumsQuartier in Vienna.
2015 February  Represented Ishikawa at the Yukidoke Festival−Discover Japanese  tradition from Ishikawa, held in Globus Washitsu in New York.
2015 June  Held a one-man exhibition on the subject of Traditional Techniques  −Kaga Yuzen and Super Organza at Tsutaya Kaden in  Futakotamagawa, Tokyo.
2015 August  Created a fabric frame dyed with KIKUZAKURA (cherry blossoms)  from the Kenrokuen Garden and dedicated it to the Oyama Shrine,  Kanazawa.
Held a Kaga Yuzen dyeing Workshop at Esterhazy Palace in Vienna.
2016 June Represented Ishikawa at  Masterpiece Collection Vienna 2016.



Hisatsune's Signature