History and Features of Kaga Yuzen Dyeing


Kaga Yuzen has a history of about 500 years. The designs used in the traditional dyeing techniques bring out the delicacy and elegance of the Japanese spirit.

Kaga Yuzen employs five basic colors: indigo, dark red, dark green, ocher and royal purple, and the designs depict beautiful elements of nature such as flowers, birds and landscapes.

Process of Kaga Yuzen Hand Dyeing

  1. Designing
  2. Sewing White silk fabric into a kimono
  3. Tracing the design on the paper onto the fabric
  4. Line drawing with Starch resist
  5. Drawing in colors
  6. Steaming
  7. Coating with Starch resist
  8. Base color dyeing
  9. Steaming
  10. Washing
  11. Water removal and drying
  12. Finishing


3.Tracing the design on the paper onto the fabric

4.Line drawing with Starch resist

5.Drawing in colors

8.Base color dyeing